(Known as Phaseolamin 2250, Phase 2, White Kidney Bean extract, Phaseolamin)

tickControls carbohydrate
tickAids definition & fat loss
How does it work?
Phaseolamin (known also as Phase 2®) is derived from the white kidney bean. It is the first ingredient proven to neutralize the starch, found in foods such as potatoes, breads, pasta, rice, corn and crackers. Because it reduces the absorption of starch calories, Phase 2® is very popular with people wanting to lose weight without depriving themselves of carbohydrate.
Who is it used for?
Phase 2® is suitable for anyone wanting to lose weight faster without the use of stimulants, excessive exercise or restrictive low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets.
How does it work?
During the digestive process, your body converts carbohydrates, found in starchy foods such as potatoes and pasta, into sugar. Your body does this by breaking down the carbohydrate with alpha amylase, an enzyme produced in the pancreas. These calories are either burned off or stored as fat. Phase 2® "neutralizes" the digestive enzyme alpha amylase before it can convert starch into glucose and then fat [2]. Essentially, it allows the carbohydrates to pass through the system safely and naturally.

University of Scranton researcher, Professor Joe A. Vinson, reports that Phase 2® reduces starch absorption by 28% when the ingredient is mixed with a full meal and served to participants. The study involved seven participants who consumed a microwaved meal with water. The meal contained 630 calories with 64 grams of carbohydrates, 29 grams of protein, and 29 grams of fat in the form of breaded sirloin beef patties, mashed potatoes with gravy, mushrooms, green beans, and cherry-apple crumb cake. The control group received only the meal, while the other group received the meal with Phase 2® mixed in with the mashed potatoes.

Three previous human pilot trials conducted by Vinson confirmed that Phase 2® is effective in reducing the absorption of starch calories (an average of 66%) when study participants were fed a high carbohydrate, high-fat meal of bread and margarine.

One trial carried in the Journal of International Medical Research shows that Phase 2® speeds up weight loss over a 12-week period [1]. Forty volunteers were included in the study. Body weight, body composition and blood pressure were recorded at baseline and every month during the study. The results show a significant difference in weight loss in the group using Phase 2® (8 pounds versus 3 pounds). Research by Jay Udani, M.D., the Medical Director at Northridge Hospital Medical Center, Los Angeles also shows that people using Phase 2® lost nearly a half pound per week more than those on using a fake supplement.

Phase 2® is proving incredibly popular in America. It's already the subject of a new book called The Starch Blocker Diet, written by one of the premier doctors of integrative medicine in the USA, Steven Rosenblatt, M.D., Ph.D.
How do I use it?
Recent research shows the best time to take Phase 2® is just before a starch-rich meal along with water. However, the studies also show that Phase 2® could still provide some of its starch "neutralizing" benefits when taken during, or just after, a starch-rich meal. One such study demonstrated that Phase 2® could remain effective when a capsule is opened and sprinkled onto food. Best results are seen with around 200 milligrams of Phase 2® per meal.
What results can I expect?
Combined with a sensible diet, Phase 2® will reduce hunger and accelerate weight loss by between one-half and one pound per week. In other words, if you were to use Phase 2® for two months, you'll lose 4-8 pounds more than you would with diet alone.
What can it be combined with?
Though Phase 2® is effective at blocking carbohydrate-calories, it has no effect on fat calories. Combining Phase 2® with a chitosan-based supplement such as Absorbitol® will reduce the absorption of both fat and carbohydrate calories, which could accelerate weight loss still further.

1. Thom E. (2000). A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of a new weight-reducing agent of natural origin. Journal of International Medical Research, 28, 229-233
2. Lankisch M, Layer P, Rizza RA, DiMagno EP. (1998). Acute postprandial gastrointestinal and metabolic effects of wheat amylase inhibitor (WAI) in normal, obese, and diabetic humans. Pancreas, 17, 176-181

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