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tickSupports the immune system
tickMuscle Builder
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How does it work?
Glutamax contains a blend of Glutamine and bicarbonates. It's designed for bodybuilders, athletes and gym users wanting greater recovery, muscle growth, and all round performance.

Per 12 gram serving (2 x 6 gram scoops):
Energy: 43.2kcal (181kJ)
Protein (from amino acids below): 11 grams
Carbohydrates: trace
Fat: trace

Performance ingredients:
L-Glutamine: 11 grams
Sodium Bicarbonate: 600 milligrams
Potassium Bicarbonate: 600 milligrams
How does it work?
Glutamine is a nutrient essential for muscle growth, as it's the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue. Doctors and clinicians regularly use it to treat patients with illness, injury or infection [9]. Not only does Glutamine play a vital role in building muscle, studies also show that glutamine boosts growth hormone levels, helping you burn fat faster. As little as two grams of glutamine can double growth hormone levels after just 30 minutes [10].

During periods of intense training, your can't make enough glutamine to compensate for exercise-induced losses. Anyone who exercises on a regular basis (3-4 times per week) may deplete their glutamine stores.

This is because they are placing a large demand on their muscles, where much of the glutamine in the body is stored. Athletes who overstress their muscles (without adequate time for recovery between workouts) may be at increased risk for infection and often recover slowly from injuries. This is also true for people who participate in prolonged exercise, such as ultra-marathon runners. Glutamine supplementation is extremely useful for anyone who exercises regularly, especially those wanting to gain muscle size and strength.

Studies show that strength athletes (such as powerlifters) have lower Glutamine levels than cyclists or runners [5]. Regular high intensity exercise can lead to a 45% drop in glutamine levels in just 7 days [7].

That's why adding glutamine to your diet is so important. The bigger the "pool" of glutamine in your body, the faster your muscles grow. Glutamine also stimulates the synthesis of new protein within your muscle, facilitating new muscle growth, and increasing the size and strength of your muscles by increasing muscle cell volumisation (increasing the retention of water within muscle fibres), in much the same way as Creatine. One trial carried in the prestigious Journal of Nutrition shows that large doses of glutamine accelerate muscle growth four-fold compared to a placebo [11].

Glutamax is one of the few supplements to combine pure L-Glutamine with a bicarbonate mixture. This produces an alkaline environment in the stomach allowing Glutamine to be rapidly absorbed. Clinical studies show a 300-400% increase in absorption.
How do I use it?
Mix 2 scoops (12 grams) in a drink of your choice and drink immediately. Glutamax can combined with other supplements, including Creatamax 8000GL, Promax or Progain to make them more effective. Many natural bodybuilders report excellent results when they combine 2 scoops of Glutamax with one serving of Progain and take it immediately after exercise.
What results can I expect?
After 2-3 days of using Glutamax, most users notice an increase in muscle fullness. After 1-2 weeks, it's common to see an increase in muscle growth, and a more rapid rate of recovery between workouts. When used regularly for several months, Glutamax may also reduce the risk of illness or infection interfering with your training.

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