(Known as GAA, Guanidinoacetate, Glycocyamine)

tickPart of the Amino Acid group
tickCreatine based product
tickBoosts energy
tickMuscle Builder
How does it work?
Also called guanidinoacetate (GAA), glycocyamine (pronounced gly-ko-sigh-a-meen) is a naturally occurring compound in the human body that's actually the precursor of creatine. In other words, it's creatine before creatine takes its final form. Like creatine, GAA is found naturally in your body.
Who is it used for?
Glycocyamine should be taken along with creatine. Supplementation can ensure a more powerful effect from the use of creatine. Glycocyamine also appears to be very effective for those who see no benefits from creatine. In other words, it turns creatine "non-responders" into "responders." Scientists think this nutrient might also boost your own creatine production.
How does it work?
Many creatine users don't realize that creatine is found naturally in your body. By increasing the body's own creatine production, researchers think that it's possible to magnify the effects of supplemental creatine and end up bigger and stronger.

As well as taking creatine monohydrate supplements, another way to increase creatine levels in the body is to deliver more of the ingredients that make up creatine. In the chemical reactions that produce creatine, GAA enters your liver and muscle cells, where it gets converted to creatine. The creatine that's produced in the liver then enters the blood supply and travels to the muscles. In other words, you increase the amount of creatine entering the muscle and the amount of creatine being produced in the muscle.

Animal studies and preliminary research with bodybuilders in California suggests that providing glycocyamine enables the body to continue creatine formation when it would ordinarily be reduced or even temporarily stopped. Glycocyamine worked for almost everyone, producing creatine-like effects.

Furthermore, no one noticed the stomach upset and bloating that some people suffer from when using creatine. Another reason companies add GAA to their creatine products is because GAA appears to enhance glucose and creatine uptake by muscle cells.

Jim Wright, a writer for Flex magazine, thinks that glycocyamine might be "the most significant advance in creatine supplements since creatine monohydrate was originally introduced to the bodybuilding market." Muscle and Fitness magazine is also optimistic, "In Muscle and Fitness's opinion, GAA certainly warrants a closer look from anyone looking for a boost to his or her muscle gains."
How do I use it?
Take 500-1000 milligrams (1 gram) of Glycocyamine for every 5 grams of creatine.
What results can I expect?
Glycocyamine delivers creatine-like results, including improved performance, delayed muscle fatigue, and greater-than-normal gains in both muscle size and strength. Supplement experts think that glycocyamine plus creatine works about 1.5 times better than creatine alone.
What can it be combined with?
Glycocyamine works best when taken with creatine. Supplement experts think that glycocyamine plus creatine works about 1.5 times better than creatine alone.

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