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How does it work?
Fattack is a food supplement suitable for anyone who wants to have a "cheat" meal and continue to lose weight. Most diet supplements work by increasing the rate at which you lose stored fat. Fattack reduces the absorption of fat by converting it into a form that your body does not absorb and subsequently expels [2]. Fattack also "neutralizes" the digestive enzyme alpha amylase before it can convert starch into glucose and then fat [5].

Three capsules contain:

Chitosan (Absorbitol™): 750 milligrams
Phaseolamin™: 200 milligrams
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid): 50 milligrams
How does it work?
The active nutrients in Fattack reduce the absorption of many of the carbohydrate and fat calories in your diet. Rather than being digested and stored, many of the calories you eat pass safely through your body.

Fattack contains Absorbitol™, an advanced version of the popular fat binding supplement chitosan (pronounced kite-o-zan). Dr. Ivan Furda, a senior research scientist at General Mills, discovered Chitosan's fat binding properties in the late 1970's. Chitosan was patented in 1978 (US patent # 4,223,023).

Recent advances in supplement technology have allowed scientists to develop a more powerful version of Chitosan known as Absorbitol™, which is the form used in Fattack. In a worldwide comparison of 26 Chitosan products, scientists from Oregon State University found that Absorbitol™ was three times more effective at reducing fat storage than Chitosan.

Because fat has a positive charge, and Absorbitol™ has a negative charge, they attach to themselves (a little like a magnet) and stop each other from being absorbed. Instead, some of the fat you eat passes through your body without being digested [3]. Human studies report impressive results. One Italian study shows that a combination of chitosan supplements and a 30-day low-calorie diet was highly effective at promoting weight loss (16 pounds) compared to a placebo (7 pounds). Scientists at the American Institute for Biosocial and Medical Research have also shown that subjects using Chitosan (which is not quite as powerful as Absorbitol®) lost weight without restricting their calorie intake. The group who didn't use the supplement put on nearly four pounds of weight in the same period [1].

Fattack also contains Phaseolamin, the patented starch neutraliser from the USA. Phaseolamin (known also as Phase 2®) is derived from the white kidney bean. It's the first ingredient proven to reduce the absorption of the starch found in foods such as potatoes, breads, pasta, rice, corn and crackers. This makes Phase 2® very popular with people wanting to lose weight without depriving themselves of carbohydrate.

During the digestive process, your body converts carbohydrates, found in starchy foods such as potatoes and pasta, into sugar. It does this by breaking down the carbohydrate with alpha amylase, an enzyme produced in the pancreas. These calories are either burned off or stored as glycogen or fat.

Phase 2® "neutralises" the digestive enzyme alpha amylase before it can convert starch into glucose and then fat [5]. It allows many of the carbohydrate calories you eat to pass through your system safely and naturally. University of Scranton researcher, Professor Joe A. Vinson, reports that Phase 2® reduces starch absorption by 28% when the ingredient is mixed with a full meal and served to participants.

Three previous human pilot trials conducted by Vinson confirm that Phase 2® is effective in reducing the absorption of starch calories (an average of 66%) when study participants were fed a high carbohydrate, high-fat meal of bread and margarine.

One trial carried in the Journal of International Medical Research shows that Phase 2® speeds up weight loss over a 12-week period [6]. Forty volunteers were assigned to one of two groups. Group one combined Phase 2® with a sensible diet, while group two just dieted.

The Phase 2® group lost 8 pounds, compared to 3 pounds in the diet-only group. Phase 2® is proving popular in America, and is already the subject of a new book called The Starch Blocker Diet, written by one of the premier doctors of integrative medicine in the USA, Steven Rosenblatt, M.D., Ph.D.
How do I use it?
Take three capsules of Fattack 30 minutes before your next "cheat" meal. These three capsules will allow you to eat extra calories that won't be stored on your waist, hips, or arms.
What results can I expect?
Over a week, assuming your calorie intake is correct, you can lose up to three pounds of fat without the deprivation associated with most common diets.

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