(Known as Glucose, D-glucose, Corn sugar, Grape sugar, Dextrose)

tickBoosts energy
tickAids recovery
How does it work?
The term dextrose is used to describe the six-carbon sugar D-glucose. Better known today as glucose, this sugar is the chief source of energy in the body. Dextrose is also an immediate source of energy, which is why it's included in many of the most effective "energy" drinks.
Who is it used for?
Dextrose is suitable for a wide variety of people, including bodybuilders and strength athletes. Dextrose is usually included in supplements that contain creatine, as research shows that it dramatically increases the absorption of Creatine [1]. Dextrose can also be used before, during or after exercise to enhance energy levels and boost stamina. This makes it suitable for use by long-distance runners, footballers, cyclists or triathletes during and/or after training or competition.
How does it work?
You've probably heard of "simple" and "complex" carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide your body with its basic fuel. Your body thinks about carbohydrates like a car engine thinks about petrol. The word "carbohydrate" comes from the fact that glucose is made up of carbon and water. The simplest carbohydrate is dextrose.

Dextrose, also called "blood sugar" and "glucose", flows in the bloodstream so that it is available to every cell in your body. Your cells absorb glucose and convert it into energy to drive the cell. Glucose, fructose and galactose are also known as monosaccharides.

They're the only carbohydrates that can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the lining of your intestines. Lactose, sucrose and maltose are disaccharides (they contain two monosaccharides) and are easily converted to their monosaccharide bases in the digestive tract.

Dextrose raises insulin levels, which is why it's so effective at driving creatine into muscle cells. Dextrose is also an immediate source of energy, which is why it's included in many of the most effective "energy" drinks. Unfortunately, many popular energy drinks contain large amounts of fructose, which is converted rapidly into fat via the liver and is digested too slowly during exercise, and sucrose (table sugar). Both of these are not digested quickly enough during exercise, and will not be as effective as energy drinks containing dextrose [2].
How do I use it?
Approximately 20-30 grams of dextrose, when combined with Creatine, is sufficient to raise insulin levels and increase the absorption and effectiveness of Creatine. When choosing an energy drink, look for a product that contains 40-50 grams of carbohydrate per serving. This carbohydrate should be in the form of dextrose, though some research shows that dextrose combined with maltodextrin is even more effective.
What results can I expect?
When consumed in the form of an energy drink, dextrose will allow you to exercise harder for longer without becoming fatigued. Dextrose will also increase the effectiveness of Creatine and other nutrients consumed with it.
What can it be combined with?
Dextrose can be combined with many performance-enhancing nutrients, including Creatine, HMB, maltodextrin and Branched Chain Amino Acids.

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