Pump-Up and NO2

(Known as Pump Up & NO2, Arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate)

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tickMuscle Builder
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What is it?

Pump-Up and NO2 is a combination of two popular and hardcore bodybuilding supplements, providing trainers with the potential for immediate aesthetic results and an anabolic environment that is an ideal aid for protein synthesis and muscle growth.

The ingredients in Pump Up have been the secret of successful bodybuilders for some time. When used shortly before a contest, it can rapidly promote blood flow, vascularity and a tremendous muscle pump. NO2 is known as the ′new creatine′ and has a huge following in the USA. NO2 promotes a "perpetual pump" that lasts long after your workout. The combined effects of both supplements therefore creates an awesome muscle pump, an aid to powerful workouts.
Pump-Up and NO2 is also a potent stimulator of nitric oxide synthesis, meaning most users experience increased strength and muscle mass after several weeks of use.

Per 1 capsule:
Arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate 900mg
Alpha-Lipoic acid (ALA): 49.5 milligrams
Glucose 25 milligrams Niacin: 18.75 milligrams
Vanadyl sulphate: 15 milligrams
Chromium: 195 micrograms
Sodium selenate: 33 micrograms

Who is it for?

Pump-Up and NO2 are designed to specifically for bodybuilders looking for the ultimate muscle pump, in addition to potential strength and muscle development.

How does it work?

Alpha-Lipoic Acid
Alpha-lipoic acid has emerged as a key bodybuilding nutrient in the past few years. Scientists have proven that ALA mimics the actions of insulin, increasing blood glucose clearance and forcing it into muscle cell (thus avoiding fat storage) [7]. In fact, over a period of 28 days, ALA supplementation has been shown to increase glucose clearance by 27%. Another study found even more impressive results, with ALA increasing clearance by 50% [5]. Essentially, this means that ALA can help bodybuilders increase muscle mass, while minimising fat gain (the bodybuilding ′holy grail′).

Vitamin B3 (niacin), is one of 8 B vitamins, which are all involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates into glucose and subsequently energy. Niacin is a vasodialator and can aid blood flow. Increasing blood flow is an excellent method of increasing nutrient delivery to muscle tissue and aiding muscle pumps.

Vanadyl sulphate
Vanadyl sulphate is an essential trace mineral derived from vanadium. The interest in vanadium began in the late 1970s when research highlighted the important role vanadyl sulphate plays in the control of blood sugar levels [3]. When you eat large amounts of carbohydrates, sugar levels in the blood increase. This sugar can be stored as fat. However, studies show that vanadyl sulphate increases the rate at which carbohydrate and protein enter muscle cells. This helps to swell each muscle fibre, increasing both muscle size and vascularity. There is also evidence to show that vanadyl sulphate diverts sugar away from storage in fat cells, reducing the amount of fat your body stores. Competitive bodybuilders find vanadyl sulphate especially effective because of the fullness it gives their muscles. It's usually taken prior to exercise in order to improve the muscle "pump" and vascularity. Vanadyl sulphate is so effective, it has been used to lower blood sugar levels and control insulin in diabetics [1, 2].

Chromium is an essential trace mineral that helps the body maintain normal blood sugar levels. The primary function of chromium is to make the hormone insulin work better, helping to drive both protein and glucose into muscle cells while minimising fat storage. Since chromium helps to control insulin levels, chromium supplements also help to maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels and control the appetite (particularly sweet cravings). Research also shows a reduction in body fat in people given 400 mcg of chromium per day for three months [8, 9]. Chromium polynicotinate, chromium picolinate and chromium chloride are the most popular forms of chromium supplement. When taken as part of a nutrition and training programme designed for weight gain, chromium will help to divert calories away from fat storage and towards muscle gain. Some bodybuilders also report that chromium gives them greater pumps, vascularity and muscle fullness.

Selenium works as an antioxidant, especially when combined with vitamin E, by scavenging damaging particles in the body known as free radicals. These particles occur naturally in the body but can damage cell membranes and possibly contribute to the aging process. Antioxidants such as selenium can neutralise free radicals and may reduce or even help prevent some of the damage they cause.

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate is the key to unlocking the power of Nitric Oxide (NO). NO is ′master molecule′, controlling several muscle promoting pathways ∼ blood flow, muscle contraction, nerve impulse and muscle development [12]. However, while it would be nice, it is not possible to supplement directly with NO. The answer is to use the aforementioned N pre-cursor, Arginine (and preferably the more potent Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate), which is a natural, drug-free way of synthesising NO in bodybuilders and athletes.
Arginine′s proven capacity to increase vascular NO, means it quickly increases the diameter of blood vessels and boosts blood flow without increasing blood pressure. In effect, this creates a very favourable anabolic environment, due to increased tissue oxidation, protein and carbohydrate delivery and higher levels of anabolic factors including growth hormone and testosterone. Intramuscular NO also trigger gene-activity, literally switching on the protein synthesis needed for muscle growth.

The most visible benefit of increased NO is the incredible "muscle pump." Bodybuilders who first used NO pre-cursors were frequently reporting that their pumps that were much bigger and durable. Essentially, they looked bigger on stage, with more muscle volume and tightness. The pump that usually lasts for about an hour after the gym was lasting all day long. While these effects of Arginine and NO are favourable, they are not the main effect of the supplement. The true power lies in Arginine and NO′s ability to quickly aid muscle growth, boost strength and speed muscle recovery.
The exact scientific explanation for the effects of NO on muscle synthesis has not been identified. However, NO clearly stimulates protein synthesis, which is all bodybuilders really need to be concerned with. Increased protein synthesis = increased muscle growth.

One of the major reasons for using Arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate as opposed to plain Arginine (or even trying to consume Arginine from foods such as red meat), is the ′time-release′ factor. Arginine usually only increases NO production for a short period of time, which is not sufficient to produce significant results. However, Arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate creates a tap of NO release, constantly nourishing muscle tissue with growth promoting nutrients.

Arginine supplementation also elicits a spike in growth hormone production. Growth Hormone aids muscle growth, significantly helping you get bigger, stronger muscles. GH is also a powerful fat reducing agent. As a fringe benefit, Arginine is a famous treatment for erectile problems and the restoration of sexual performance and well-being [10, 11].

Glucose is a useful uptake agent, which is rapidly absorbed into the blood via the lining of the intestines. Glucose improves the uptake and assimilation of Niacin and Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, maximising their effects.

How do I use it?

Pump Up and NO2 are generally used in two different ways ∼ to help pre-contest pumps, or as a training aid to support growth and strength. Take 1-2 capsules 15-20 minutes pre-exercise or competition to experience great muscle pumps, vascularity and muscle hardness. To gain muscle strength and size, take 1 capsule three times daily, always with a high carbohydrate meal for maximum results. Finally, to optimise the training effect, take 2-4 capsules 30 minutes pre-workout. Pump-Up and NO2 are powerful combination, so don′t exceed the recommended dosage.

What results can I expect?

Many bodybuilders claim Pump-Up and NO2 elicits a better muscle pump and feeling of muscle "fullness" when the supplement is consumed 15-20 minutes pre-workout or contest. Increases in strength, vascularity and lean muscle are often witnessed after 3-7 days of use.

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