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What is it?

Maxipower is a pre-workout blend containing some of the most researched and powerful training intensity nutrients currently available, helping you achieve muscle blasting workouts and growth. Maxipower contains the ingredients that have research to help you increase strength and exercise intensity by significantly delaying the onset of muscle fatigue, through several chemical pathways. The effects of Maxipower should be seen and felt in your first workout.

Maxipower contains 11 synergistic co-factors:

Maxipower contains a blend of Citrulline Malate and the rare, Carnosine synthesising amino acids Beta-Alanine and Histidine. Maxipower also contains Citrulline Ethyl Ester HLC, which can increase the absorption (and effects) of the supplement. These nutrients are all the rage on the bodybuilding forums and seriously delay muscle burn and fatigue.

The next ingredient in Maxipower is Glycine-l-arginine-alpha-ketoisocaproic acid (GAKIC). GAKIC is scientifically proven to increase training intensity by increasing your fatigue threshold. Simply put, GAKIC will help you pump out more reps at a given weight. If you currently lift 70kg for 7 reps on the bench press, GAKIC research suggest you may achieve 8 or 9 reps on your next workout.

To optimally boost muscle performance, Maxipower contains 1000mg of Creatine Monohydrate per serving. Creatine is the most researched sports supplement in the world and is proven to increase strength, power, muscle volume and endurance. It is also proven to work synergistically with Carnosine.
For the ultimate punch, Maxipower also contains potent quantities of Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (NO2) ∼ a greater-absorbed form of the amino acid Arginine. NO2 is reportedly a powerful agent which stimulates workout pumps, speeds muscle development and is a great sex aid.

By using Maxipower, you should be able to greatly increase workout intensity within 30 minutes. However, you need to be in the mood to take advantage of these great ingredients, ie; being able to have the energy and mental ability to perform such intense workouts. The good news is Maxipower contains N-acetyl-tyrosine (NAC), a soluble version of the powerful and natural mood enhancer amino acid Tyrosine, for added focus.

To finish a the formula off, Maxipower contains 30g of Carbs to promote energy, recovery and usability, chelated Magnesium for optimum muscle contraction, and sodium and nicotinic acid (fast absorbed B3) for the greater blood flow and muscle pumps. The great thing about Maxipower is it contains a blend of many ingredients that are proven to work as stand alone products. In effect, Maxipower delivers the ultimate training stack, without the need to buy the products individually.

When used before workouts, Maxipower should allow you to train at a far greater intensity, thus producing faster gains in muscle size and strength, due to a new level of workout intensity. The effects of Maxipower can be felt the first time you use it. Maxipower is suitable for any anyone wanting an immediate increase in high intensity muscle endurance. This includes bodybuilders, gym-users and anyone wanting more muscle. It′s also great for athletes wanting to increase performance through delayed muscle fatigue (fantastic for footballers, rugby players, sprinters and cyclists).

Per serving:

Energy 186 Kcals
Carbohydrates 30g
Maxi Gakic® 8g
Alpha ketoglutarate (akg) - n02 booster 3g
Citrulline-malate 3g
Beta Alanine (Carnosine booster) 1.5g
Creatine 1g
N-acetyl-tyrosine 500mg
L-Histidine (Carnosine booster 500mg
Chelated Magnesium 250mg
Nicotinic Acid 20mgNE
Sodium 250mg

How does it work?

Citrulline Malate
Intense workouts require the breakdown of muscle glycogen, causing a dramatic increase in muscle pH, due to toxic H+ ions. We have all experienced the results. Muscle burn and an incredibly quick onset of muscular fatigue. The body has a mechanism of neutralising H+ ions, namely, ′bicarbonate buffers′. Citrulline has been identified as one of the body′s ultimate bicarbonate powerhouses. Thus, supplementary Citrulline enhances your buffering capacity.

Citruline Malate supplementation has been shown to significantly reduce muscle fatigue, increase ATP production by 34%, and boost post-exercise Phosphocreatine recovery by 20% [2]. This study concluded that Citrulline Malate may enhance aerobic metabolism, muscle energy, and exercise recovery.

Beta-Alanine, L-Histidine & Creatine
The amino acids Beta-Alanine and L-Histidine within Maxipower are converted into Carnosine, which is another potent H+ neutraliser. Carnosine also stimulates the enzymes responsible for initiating muscular contractions. The latest scientific studies suggest that muscle Carnosine concentration may be one of the most important factors effecting high-intensity exercise performance ∼ in other words, the higher your Carnosine levels, the better your performance [3].

The world′s leading Creatine scientist Prof. Roger Harris, has reported that Beta-Alanine + Creatine has a more significant effect on maximal power, compared to a Creatine + Whey protein blend [4,5]. Creatine is already proven to boost cellular energy stores, and now there exists a way to see even better results. To add to its already impressive credentials, Citrulline may also boost Nitric Oxide production, Growth Hormone synthesis, Insulin and Creatine levels, due to its stimulatory action on plasma Arginine.

GAKIC is backed by over 8 years of exciting scientific research. Taking GAKIC has been demonstrated to significantly boost muscular weight training performance by 10.5% during the initial 15 minutes of working out [6]. Furthermore, GAKIC enhances the ability to maintain muscle force by 28% during maximal anaerobic muscle stress [7]. In the gym, this means more reps at a given load, which is an incredible way of stimulating muscle growth.
The Gylcine in GAKIC boosts Growth Hormone (which may stimulate muscle development) while the combination of Glycine and Arginine stimulates muscle Creatine concentrations [6]. GAKIC also has anti-catabolic properties, thanks to its Alpha-ketoisocaproate (KIC) content. This branched-chain keto acid (BCKA) can prevent muscle breakdown and boost energy by neutralising the effects of Ammonia (a by-product of ATP breakdown) [6].

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate provides the most potent Nitric Oxide (NO) pre-cursor available. NO is a trigger molecule, dilating blood vessels, increasing blood flow, stimulating nerves and muscle contractions, and promoting muscle growth [10]. NO shunts nutrients and anabolic growth hormones directly into muscle cells. Furthermore, NO acts as a ′gene switch′, triggering protein synthesis, the catalyst for muscle growth. Plain Arginine is poorly absorbed and does not have these effects. NO may deliver short-term aesthetical benefits of a much more noticeable muscle pump, lasting several hours. However, the real benefits are muscle growth, strength and rapid recovery. Arginine also increases Growth Hormone levels, a potent muscle building nutrient. As a bonus, Arginine has a big following among individuals looking to enhance sex drive and well-being. [8, 9].

Tyrosine is a powerful mood modulating amino acid. The body uses tyrosine to produce several neurotransmitter chemicals, including epinephrine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine [11]. Tyrosine can help you achieve intense workouts, due to its ability to increase alertness and feelings of energy [12]. Elite troops use tyrosine during combat to boost mental performance [13]. Tyrosine may even make your workouts feel easier, thanks to its effects on pain receptors in the brain.
Magnesium chelate

Magnesium can help trigger muscle contractions, however what is less well know is the ability of chelated magnesium to increase the effects of amino acids. Some leading scientists suggest that this special form of magnesium helps to transport amino acids through the digestive system. Without chelation, the great range of benefits contained in Maxipower could be significantly reduced.

Nicotinic acid
The blood flow and recovery agents in Maxipower are aided by the addition of Nicotinic Acid. This substance increases muscular energy by increasing ATP production and boosts nutrient supply to muscle tissue.

Despite the need to monitor salt intake, sodium is vital for hard training athletes. The addition of sodium aids muscle contraction and helps to elicit the maximum muscle pump.

Citrulline-Ethyl-Ester-HCL is a unique type of Citrulline, scientifically created for fast bioavailability, delivery and increased muscle blood availability (muscle pump).

How do I use it?

Mix one serving (50g) with 300ml of water, and consume 30-60 minutes before training.
What results can I expect?

Maxipower should create the ultimate pre-workout chemistry in your muscles, causing a rapid increase in muscular strength and endurance. In the gym you can expect the ability to perform more repetitions, immediately beating last weeks personal best. When used over several weeks and months, this increase in workout intensity should promote enhanced gains in strength and muscle mass. Combine Maxipower with a high protein diet for maximum effects.

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