Cee Max

tickCreatine based product
tickMuscle Builder
tickPart of the Amino Acid group
tickBoosts energy
tickStrength enhancer
tickAids recovery
What is it?
During explosive exercise, your body uses Creatine to synthesise phosphocreatine, and power muscle contractions via the formation of ATP. CEE-MAX™ is a new and powerful Creatine strength and muscle formula, using, what some consider to the most advanced Creatine available, Creatine Ethyl-Ester HCL. This interesting version of creatine is a big step forward in Creatine technology, and is one of the most exciting products to hit the sports nutrition world in years. The CEE-MAX™ complex also includes Alpha Lipoic Acid, a popular Creatine uptake agent. CEE-MAX™ is super-absorbent and does not need to be taken with high-sugar drinks to aid assimilation. Furthermore, many people feel that CEE-MAX™ does not require a loading phase, making it more-convenient, than regular Creatine monohydrate. CEE-MAX™ is designed to deliver results faster than ever. Use CEE-MAX™ as a faster way to aid your muscle-building and strength goals when combined with a good diet and regular exercise routine.

Per Serving (1 capsule)

Creatine ethyl ester hcl 500mg
Alpha lipoic acid 25mg

Who should use it?

CEE-MAX™ is designed as the perfect aid for supporting muscle mass, strength and power development. It is therefore great for bodybuilders, power and strength athletes and regular gym users ­ essentially anyone who desires or will benefit from rapid gains in muscle size and strength, or a boost in exercise capacity. CEE-MAX™ is also used by many endurance athletes, since studies indicate that Creatine significantly increases performance ­ making CEE-MAX™ great for the likes of soccer players and distance runners.

How does it work?

The power of CEE-MAX™ is released through its high bio-availability and delivery of Creatine to muscle tissues. CEE-MAX™ is unique in that it is independently tested to ensure it only contains the most potent and pure Creatine ethyl ester. In the past, despite the great research, there were concerns that Creatine was not being fully transported in to muscle cells, leading to excess waste and taking more Creatine than was actually needed. Essentially, muscle cells contain esters which have an affinity to bind to fat soluble nutrients, meaning Creatine uses lipid transport to permeate the cell wall. However, Creatine is only semi-lipopholic, meaning poor cellular delivery. CEE-MAX™ contains a unique Creatine Ethyl-Ester HCL matrix could increase lipopholic capacity, hugely increasing the efficiently of cell permeation.


Creatine is the high energy phosphate that powers your high intensity muscle contractions ­ every time you bench press, squat or sprint, Creatine metabolism is intrinsic to the energy process. Unfortunately the Creatine pool within muscle tissue is limited and typically becomes significantly depleted after approximately 8-10 seconds, impairing your performance. Creatine supplementation is the perfect way to boost the Creatine pool and therefore increase training intensity, muscle volume and performance.
While you can try and consume creatine from animal products (fish and meat), consuming the concentrations needed to elicit beneficial effects is virtually impossible, which is why Creatine is the most widely used sports supplement among elite athletes.

Creatine research is very supportive of the supplements ability to boost muscle size and strength. A 12-week study examined the combined effects of Creatine and weight training on squat and bench press performance, compared to a placebo [3]. Creatine supplementation elicited a combined strength gain of 56% more in the creatine group (squat +32%, bench +24%), compared to the dummy supplement. Creatine also led to a 100% bigger increase in muscle growth. This study is great news for both bodybuilders and strength athletes.

Further research suggests that these kind of results are very common among average trainers. In fact, the power of Creatine has been demonstrated by the very well respected Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. After just five days of supplementing with 20g of Creatine daily, subjects displayed an average weight increase of over 3lbs of muscle [4]. Note: due to the power of CEE-MAX™, less Creatine should be required to achieve results.

The news for endurance athletes is equally impressive. Leading Belgium researchers found that Creatine boosted performance by 9% in exercise lasting longer than 120 minutes [7].

Many sports teams (rugby, footballers, hockey etc) around the world are also benefiting from Creatine Supplementation. Significant research has been performed on professional football players that clearly demonstrates the power of Creatine in enhancing performance [1]. The study was performed on 19 elite football players from the La Liga side, Athletico Bilbao in Spain. The players either received a Creatine supplement or a placebo pill for six days and were then instructed to perform a match simulation test (mimicking the metabolic demands of the game). Creatine supplementation was found to consistently increase performance in 5- and 15-metre sprint trials.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

The unique delivery of Creatine in CEE-MAX™ is aided by the addition of Alpha lipoic acid (ALA). ALA is a mitochondrial energy enzyme, and is commonly described as a cellular battery. ALA displays many useful characteristics, such as anti-oxidant and detoxification activity. However, the significance to Creatine metabolism is ALA’s ability to mimic insulin. Insulin is very powerful in driving nutrients into muscle cells, which is exactly where we want Creatine. ALA has been shown to increase the removal of blood sugar and direct it in to muscle tissue rather than fat cells [8]. CEE-MAX™ therefore uses ALA in combination with Ethyl-Ester HCL to aid more Creatine into your muscle cells than ever before.

CEE-MAX™ is considered to be the most potent Creatine Ethyl Ester formula on the market, with independent trading standards test to support it. Whichever Creatine ethyl ester product you select, be aware that many cheap brands contain a mixture of CEE, Creatine monohydrate and other creatines to hide the fact that they do not contain any of the genuine and expensive CEE. CEE needs to be made to very exacting standards and pharmaceutical manufacturing control, if not the CEE will convert to creatinine under acid conditions, which is a waste form of creatine that is of no use to the human body

What results can I expect?

Creatine supplementation can promote fast increases in body mass, and you may experience an increase of several lbs within 7 days. Research suggests that Creatine increases muscle strength and size, helping you reach your goals faster than ever. Because Creatine boosts muscle performance, you can expect increased workout intensity in the gym and better results during competition. CEE-MAX™ is designed to be the fastest working Creatine formula on the market, meaning you will see results fast.


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