Viper Turbo

tickBoosts energy
tickAids recovery
How does it work?
Viper Turbo contains a blend of nutrients designed for any athlete who wants to improve their stamina and endurance without hours of extra training or effort.

Per 7 capsules:
Sodium Phosphate: 3220 milligrams
L-Carnitine: 2331 milligrams
Potassium Phosphate: 595 milligrams
DMG (di-methylglycine): 294 milligrams
CoQ10: 35 milligrams
How does it work?
Viper Turbo's phosphate formula has been shown ito increase oxygen uptake by 10% within 5-7 days [1, 2]. Normally, this takes 5-6 weeks of intense training to achieve. Studies carried out on runners also indicate lower lactic acid levels, with some users knocking over 3 minutes off their very best 40 km time-trial performance.

This nutrient is believed to improve mood and focus, whilst also being highly effective at supporting testosterone levels. Carnitine also allows your body to use more fat for fuel, so you'll be able to run for longer without hitting the wall (caused by glycogen depletion). Carnitine users also notice far less muscle soreness and pain in the 24-48 hours following exercise. A trial published in the American Journal of Physiology shows that muscle "disruption" several days after exercise was reduced by almost 50% when Carnitine was used [3]. Several other markers of muscle damage were also reduced, with the researchers concluding that Carnitine results in "... less accumulation of markers of purine degradation, free radical formation, tissue damage, and muscle soreness."

CoQ10 has been shown to be highly beneficial for endurance athletes, such as long-distance runners, cyclists, triathletes, footballers and rugby players. CoQ10 levels are generally lower in older people, who are at greater risk of a CoQ10 deficiency. CoQ10 is one of many substances in the body that tend to decline as people age or develop certain diseases (such as some cardiac conditions, Parkinson's disease, and asthma). In a recent study, 25 elite cross-country skiers were put through an intensive six-week training programme [4]. During the programme, half of the skiers took CoQ10, while the rest used a dummy supplement called a placebo. Gains in aerobic fitness (as measured by VO2max) in the CoQ10 group were more than three times greater than skiers using the placebo.

CoQ10 also helped to reduce symptoms of the overtraining syndrome, which is very common in endurance athletes. In one group of skiers not taking CoQ10, aerobic fitness over the course of the study was actually reduced. This is a clear indicator of an overtrained state! In contrast, 9 out of every 10 athletes using CoQ10 felt that supplementation was beneficial. More than 7 out of 10 noted a "clear positive effect in their exercise performance and recovery time."

DMG speeds up the removal of lactic acid from your body. This allows for faster recovery, fewer aches and pains, and improved training performance. Soviet scientific literature also shows increased oxygen utilization by muscle, improvements in explosive speed, and protection against damage to the connective tissue surrounding joints.
How do I use it?
Take 4 capsules first thing in the morning and another 4 at around 2pm. Take every day for 3 days before your event. A dose of 4 capsules at breakfast, lunch and dinner can be taken every day during intense training or competition.
What results can I expect?
Athletes using Viper Turbo generally notice a rapid (after 3 days) increase in stamina, a reduction in feelings of fatigue and tiredness during a race or training session, and more energy throughout the day.

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4. Ylikoski, T., Piirainen, J., Hanninen, O., & Penttinen, J. (1997). The effect of coenzyme Q10 on the exercise performance of cross-country skiers. Molecular Aspects of Medicine, 18, S283-S290

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